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Driving innovation and change

Argo is focused on growth and sustainability. By leveraging emerging technologies, fostering collaboration, and empowering employees, organisations can streamline processes, optimise efficiency, and deliver groundbreaking solutions. Embracing innovation is the key to staying ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

What we do

We are a reliable trading partner for growing businesses, with our world-class trading team and best-in-class risk management, systems and processes.

We manufacture cost-effective products using cutting-edge technology and strive to deliver reliable products of premium quality consistently to our customers.

Our skilled team uses innovative technology to perform operations like melting and casting, sorting, segregating, cutting and granulating with unparalleled efficiency.

Product portfolio

We are experts in energy, metals, and feed

Ensuring your business success through in-time delivery of superior-quality products.

Our advantage

Global network
Three layers of saving
Risk management
increased profit margin
Rise in profit margins
Complete Supply Chain
Robust supply chain
door step delivery
Delivery to your doorstep
working capital
Working capital optimization

We are expanding everywhere, globally and locally

Argo Trade, with Singapore as its headquarters, has a strong presence in India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Africa and South-East Asia. We specialize in trading, processing and manufacturing high-quality products, with our revenues crossing USD 375 million.


Our key mission is to promote the sustainable use of resources through eco-friendly practices in our operations. We achieve this by recycling metal scraps and providing high-quality recycled metal, thus minimizing the need to mine virgin ore.

Our goal is to contribute to the conservation of natural resources while also providing valuable raw materials for various industries.