Wholesome Trade Solution

Quality, Chemistry And Consistency

Our complete supply chain

We reliably procure goods from the source to deliver them in time to end-users, expertly handling logistics, inspection, customs formalities, inspection, warehousing, cross-border export-import, and more.
What we do

We offer customers a wide range of services spanning trading, manufacturing, and processing



We are a trustworthy trading partner for growing businesses, backed by our world-class trading team and powered by best-in-class risk management, systems and processes. We help our customers meet their demands with our timely supply of premium-quality goods throughout the year.


We use advanced technology to perform melting and casting, sorting, segregating, cutting, granulating and other operations with unparalleled efficiency to make superior products that match the highest international benchmarks in quality, innovation, and sustainability.


Argo deploys cutting-edge yet sustainable technology to manufacture high-quality products with the best available raw materials. We strive to create a sustainable product range using innovative approaches and impactful strategies to deliver environmentally-responsible outcomes.