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Almunium Wire Rod

Aluminium wire rod

Our high-quality aluminium wire rods are produced through a range of processes including extrusion, rolling, coiling, and direct drawing from molten aluminium. These rods serve as primary raw materials for various products such as aluminium cables and overhead conductors, both renowned for their exceptional mechanical and electrical properties.

Aluminium ingots

The aluminium ingots we supply are cost-efficient and help the manufacturing process. ADC12, the alloy we make, is used for creating die-casting components and is the most-preferred metal chosen for many globally-produced die-castings. Since these alloys have excellent mechanical properties and good castability, they are ideal for automotive parts with complex shapes, like converter housings or cylinder blocks.

Aluminium Ingots

Taste: pure aluminium wire and cable

It consists of unalloyed aluminium wire and cable and contains not more than 1% free oxide or dirt. It is free from iron, hair wire, wire screen, insulation and other non-metallic items.

Tense: mixed aluminium castings

It consists of all clean aluminium castings that may have auto and aeroplane castings. It shall not contain ingots and should be free from iron, dirt, brass, and other non-metallic items. Oil and grease content should not exceed more than 2%.

Taint Tabor

Taint tabor: clean mixed alloy sheet aluminium

Our Taint tabor contains a clean alloy aluminium sheet of two or more allots that is free of castings, hair wire, foil, Venetian blinds, and food or beverage containers. It is also free from aeroplane sheets, radiator shells, plastic, bottle caps, dirt, or other non-metallic items. The grease and oil content does not cross 2%.

Tread: segregated new aluminium castings, extrusions and forgings

It consists of new, clean uncoated aluminium castings, extrusions, and forgings, of one only one specific alloy and should be free from stainless steel, sawings, iron, zinc, oil grease or other non-metallic items.


Troma: aluminium auto and truck wheels

Troma will contain clean, single-piece, unplated aluminium wheels of a single specified alloy that is free of all steel, wheel weights, inserts, valve stems, grease, oil, tires and other non-metallic items.


It is a pure Aluminium wire and cable consisting of a new clean unalloyed aluminium wire or cable that is free of hair wire, wire screen, ACSR, iron, insulation, and other non-metallic items.

Talon Taste
Aluminium Lithographic


We make Aluminium Lithographic Sheet – 1xxx and 3xxx series. Aluminium is the most preferred material for lithographic sheets as its weight is lighter and because it is flexible and recyclable. High-quality litho sheets are used by printing and stamp businesses.


It is a mix of non-ferrous scrap, predominantly aluminium (70-90%) and other non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, and zinc. It can be recycled to get aluminium products after mechanical, wet, or hand separation removes its non-aluminium scrap components like magnesium, brass, copper, and zinc,



It is floated fragmentized aluminium from an automobile shredder.


These are aluminium copper radiators.