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Copper cathode

We supply cathode, the basic product of copper production, in a marketable form for use in high-quality applications. The cathode is the 50 to 80 kg square produced when pure copper is separated from unwrought copper during an electrolytic refining process. Our copper cathode has a high level of purity, and its quality is constant.

Copper rod

We make high-quality copper rods, the malleable and ductile form of copper metal, used for making electric wires. They are also used in electric vehicles and plating and as conductors to make different types of cables.

Copper Rod

Copper ingots

Our copper ingots match international quality standards. They are notched bars of commercial copper used for casting purposes. Copper ingots can also be used in making domestic appliances, plumbing products, decorative items, handicrafts, locks, and electronic components.

Copper berry

Copper Berry, also called No.1 copper wire, consists of clean, uncoated, untinned, unalloyed copper wire and cable that is free of brittle burnt wire and copper tubing. It has high purity, excellent conductivity, and thermal ductility and is considered the best copper wire scrap.

Copper scrap berry
Copper scrap cobra


We produce Cobra, also known as No. 2 copper wire nodules. It consists of unalloyed copper wire scrap nodules, chopped or shredded, with a minimum of 97% Copper. We ensure that the amount of maximum metal impurities does not cross 0.5% Aluminium and 1% each of other metals or insulation.

Red copper armature scrap

Copper wires No 2 grade

Red Copper Armature Scrap
Copper Candy


Copper pipe & bus bar


The Yellow brass we make has excellent corrosion resistance and is used for various applications because of its superior strength and durability. It is used for decorative purposes, electrical fixtures, locks, hardware, and architectural grillwork.

Yellow Brass