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Lead Ingots

Primary & Remelted Lead Ingots

Our re-melted lead ingots are produced from raw lead/battery scraps/lead scraps and other lead scraps. Commercially known as ‘Raw Lead or Lead Bullion’, it is further processed to pure lead with 99.97 purity and/or specific lead alloys. Pure lead has several applications, including in aerospace, ammunition, shipbuilding, and making lead pipes or lead wires.

Remelted lead ingots

We produce remelted lead ingots made from battery scraps, raw lead and other lead scraps. Our remelted lead ingot blocks contain 97 to 99% lead metal with only around 2% of impurity elements like tin, iron, copper, silver, etc.

Remelted lead ingots are used in household repairs, battery manufacturing, paint, construction, and shielding industries. It is further used to produce pure lead ingots, which have more purity than re-melted lead ingots.

Lead Ingots

Lead scrap – racks/radio

Racks contain clean soft scrap lead that is free of other materials like battery plates, drosses, hard lead, lead-covered cable, collapsible tubes, foil, type metals, aluminium, iron, zinc, and brass fittings, dirty chemical lead and radioactive materials. Radio is a mixed hard and soft lead scrap that contains clean lead and is free from battery plates, lead-covered cables, iron and brass fittings, collapsible tubes, dirty lead and radioactive materials.